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CS1 | Fuel & Energy-Related Activities

Emissions of purchased fuels and electricity and Transmission and distribution (T&D) losses applicable to end users of fuels and users of electricity, steam, heating, and cooling. Also Generation of purchased electricity that is sold to end users, including utility companies that purchase wholesale electricity supplied by independent power producers for resale to their customers

CS2 | Employee Mobility

Employee travel for business related activities in vehicles owned or operated by third parties, (aircraft, trains, buses, and cars). Also employee travel  between their homes and their worksites. Remote working could also be included.

CS3 | Up & Downstream Transportation & Distribution

Transport and distribution of products between your tier 1 suppliers and you in vehicles not owned or operated by you. Also, transport of your goods in vehicles not owned or operated by you. Includes retail and storage.

CS4 | Up & Downstream Leased Assets

Covers emissions from the operation of assets that are owned by you as a lessor (you receive income from the lease) or lessee.(you pay to lease).

CS5 | Investment

Emissions generated if you are making an investment with the objective of making a profit or if any of your activities include financial services (eg. trade finance, leasing).

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